​What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair means that is unprocessed. Unprocessed means that there are no chemicals in the hair. It is natural so it may not be uniformed in color. Virgin hair can be dyed and curled. You can wash and style our hair just like your own.


Are Your Wigs Made With Human Hair?

All of our wigs are made with 100% human hair. Our Signature Wig Collection is made with human hair glued onto a stocking cap. All custom made units and made with virgin hair sewn onto a wig cap.


How Do  I Take Care Of My Wig?

Wigs are made with Remy hair and are glued to the base (except on the custom wigs).Store wig in a cool, dry area. To maintain curls, pincurl hair at night. Do not use any hair products in the wig.

Will Diamond Drops make my scalp tingle?

Yes, you may experience a tingling sensation, due to the essential oils that are used in the Diamond Drops.

Does Diamond Drops cause flakiness?

Not in most cases but if this happens to you cut down on the usage. Diamond Drops can not be used on eyelashes. Only on your scalp. 
Please be careful when applying on your hair line.

Do my scalp suppose to itch? 

Your scalp may itch , if you experience excessive itching, burning sores or rash please stop using the products and consult your physician. 

How to use Diamond Drops?

Dab the dropper to the areas your are experiencing problems. Massage Diamond Drops onto scalp, style as desired.Do not wash out. Use in the morning before bed.

How after should I apply?

2-3 times per week minimum or every other day. 

Type of hair used it can be one?

Natural, relaxed and transitioning textures.

How Do I Place An Order?​

Once you have finished ordering go to the bottom of the page and click checkout. You will be directed to paypal where you will finish your transaction.

Payment and Shipping

All international orders are shipped via USPS Express International

International shipping is $29.99

International shipping- please allow 3 business days for processing and then 7-10 business days for shipping

All Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Express
Domestic shipping is $9.99
Domestic shipping- please allow 3 business days for processing and then 5-7 business days for shipping
Secure Ordering & Payment Options

All orders are paid using paypal. all orders having tracking numbers so you can track your package. We accept all major credit cards and we do not keep your card information.

We hope that you will never have to return one of our products but in case you are not satisfied with your order here are the steps that you must take in order to get a refund.

1. When you get your package inspect it immediately. If you are not satisfied with your order, email us at queenofdiamondshairboutique@gmail.com within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please describe what was wrong with the package so that we can better our product for future reference.

2. Ship the item back to us. Once we have your tracking number you can have your money refunded back to your account. Packages need to be returned with 2 days of receiving your email. Any package that is returned without emailing first will not be accepted and no return will be process. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded to the customer.

Thank you for shopping with us!